Private Label


The private label step is a very bold step taken by Zaher

as producing a product to the final consumer directly under the name of our partners requires a different level of production and scrutiny.

The basis for this step is our customers asked us due to the accumulation of their trust in us over the years, which prompted them to put their reputation in our hands and produce a product to put in the largest supermarkets in Europe with their full confidence that the quality suitable to their name.


Why do you get a private label with Zaher?

In addition to the abundance of the lowest-priced labor in Egypt, it saves your operating expenses by at least 80% and shipping expenses:

The first problem is the confidence in packaging a product under your valuable name and the possibility of providing you with the required quality without problems. Therefore, we guarantee you that, as we are keen to package the product with a quality no less than that produced by you, as all our products must:

  • Metal detected.
  • Tested through the latest X-ray devices to ensure that it is free of any plastic impurities.
  • Sizing and sorting are done to your specifications.


Laboratory tests

  • Free of any allergens.
  • Free of any microbiological causes.
  • Identical in terms of your pesticide residue specifications.


Packing does not take place until you approve representative samples sent to you.

After that, you can add any of your own guarantees to receive the shipment and ensure that it conforms to the specifications.


Firstly, we produce Organic & Conventional cold-pressed sesame oil of superior quality and supply it mainly to the EU in bottles of 400 to 1000 mm.

Whether under our brand ZAHER or with your brand name (Private Label).

  • We press the oil ourselves to ensure its purity and quality.
  • The bottle capacity can be controlled as you wish.
  • We can also control the degree of filtration as you wish.